Industrial M25 Power Connectors

  1. Male panel mount connector

    Male panel mount connector

    Number of contacts:

  2. Cable plug connector

    Cable plug connector

    Number of contacts:

  3. Female panel mount connector

    Female panel mount connector

    Number of contacts:

  4. Female cable connector

    Female cable connector

    Number of contacts:

  1. M25 Power

    Industrial M25 Power Connectors

    • Black anodized aluminum shells
    • Degree of protection IP 40
    • Internal strain relief
    • Transparent bend protection sleeve

  2. Bayonet IP40 Power

    Bayonet IP40 Power Connectors

    • Plastic shells
    • 3 to 12 contacts
    • Degree of protection IP 40
    • Internal strain relief
    • Transparent bend protection sleeve

  3. RD24 Power

    RD24 Power

    Series 693 has VDE, SEV, and UL approval. Series 692 is similar to Series 693 but does not have agency approvals. Crimp contacts need to be ordered separately and are listed in the accessories section.

    • VDE, SEV, and UL Recognized Component
    • Field-attachable cable connectors OD 29 mm
    • Plastic shells with IP 67 rating
    • 4 or 7 silver-plated contacts per connector
    • Up to 16 A per contact
    • Screw, crimp, or solder termination

  4. Bayonet HEC Power

    Bayonet HEC Power

    The Series 696 HEC (Harsh Environment Connector) is a newly designed circular connector that has been developed specifically for outdoor applications. High-grade materials as well as innovative constructive details allow the use in rough and demanding environmental conditions.

    • Light and stable plastic design
    • Highly resistant against climatic influences such as UV exposure
    • Very good resistance against industrial and chemical substances
    • Resistance against shock and vibration
    • UL and VDE approval
    • Bayonet locking for easy and secure locking
    • IP68 / IP69K for high pressure wash downs
    • 8 Contacts (4 + 3 + PE)
    • 3 A Signal, 25 A Power
    • 60 V Signal, 400 V Power

  5. RD30 Power

    RD30 Power

    Industrial machine and power connectors offering high current load and operating voltage. Environmental protection IP 65 in a mated condition.

    • Plastic shells
    • Shells 40 mm OD
    • 4 to 24 contacts per connector
    • Up to 20 A per contact
    • Degree of protection IP 65
    • Contacts with solder or screw termination
    • Internal strain relief
    • Cable outlet up to 16 mm (.63 in.)
    • Right-angle connector adjustable in 8 angular positions

  6. M23 Power

    M23 Power

    • Metal shells
    • 6 to 19 contacts per connector
    • Degree of protection IP 67
    • With or without shielding