Miniature Snap-in IP67 Connectors

  1. Product Illustration

    Twin Distributor - Snap-in IP67

    Number of contacts:

  2. Item description

    Adaptor for panel mount connector

    Part # 08-2433-000-001
  3. Cable plug connector, black, cable outlet 6 - 8 mm

    Cable plug connector, black, cable outlet 6 - 8 mm

    Number of contacts:

  4. Female cable connector, black, cable outlet 4-6 mm

    Female cable connector, black, cable outlet 4-6 mm

    Number of contacts:

  5. Female cable connector, green

    Female cable connector, green

    Number of contacts:

  6. Female panel mount connector, black, dip-solder

    Female panel mount connector, black, dip-solder

    Number of contacts:

  7. Female cable connector, black, injected onto cable

    Female cable connector, black, injected onto cable

    Number of contacts:

  8. Cable plug connector, blue

    Cable plug connector, blue

    Number of contacts:

  9. Female cable connector, red

    Female cable connector, red

    Number of contacts:

  1. Snap-in IP67

    Miniature Snap-in IP67 Connectors

    The Series 720 snap-in connector is a larger version of the Series 620 sub-miniature connector. It offers high performance, with gold-plated contacts, at a very attractive price.

    • Plastic color-coded shells
    • 3 to 12 contacts per connector
    • IP67 in mated condition
    • Internal strain relief
    • Available in White

  2. M16 IP67

    M16 IP67

    The Series 423, 723 and 425 family of connectors are rugged, high-performance circular connectors with excellent EMI shielding and IP67. Ideal choice for severe industrial and commercial applications. Panel-mounted receptacle are available in many styles and mounting methods.

    • Rugged metal shells
    • Straight or right-angle cable connector
    • Right-angle cable connectors adjustable in 4 radial positions
    • Excellent 360° EMI shielding and IP67
    • Internal strain relief
    • 2 to 24 contacts,gold(Au)- or silver(Ag)-plated
    • DIN EN 61076-2-106

  3. M16 IP40

    M16 IP40

    The Binder Series 581, 680 and 682 cable connectors offer a cost-effective alternative to Series 423, 723 and 425 IP67 versions. Cable connectors have integral bend protection sleeve. A choice of cable clamp or solder lug for easy shield or ground connection. IP40 with good EMI shielding. Receptacles are common with Series 423.

    • Metal shells with good shielding
    • Degree of protection IP40
    • Cable clamp or solder ground lug
    • 2-24 gold(Au)- or silver(Ag)-plated contacts
    • Integral bend protection sleeve
    • DIN EN 61076-2-106

  4. Bayonet NCC

    Bayonet NCC

    Series 770 is a new connector family featuring an entirely new IP67 rated and touch-proof design. The panel-mount receptacles have an IP67 rating when unmated by covering the contacts with a spring-enforced door.

    • Mated connector is IP 67-rated
    • Female receptacle remains IP 67-rated in unmated condition
    • Simple and reliable bayonet locking
    • Touch-proof plastic housing
    • 8 Gold-plated contacts arranged on a cylindrical insert. Rated at 2A ea.
    • Cable outlets accept cable from 2.5-4 mm, 4-6 mm and 6-8 mm OD
    • >5000 mating cycles
    • Easy and quick assembly
    • Available in White

  5. Push-Pull IP67

    Push-Pull IP67

    The Series 440 push-pull locking connector is a high-performance product ideally suited for demanding applications in medical electronics and commercial instrumentation. The plastic shell has internal metal sleeve for 360° EMI shielding. Similar to Series 430 in the sub-miniature section.

    • Plastic shells with metal interior sleeves
    • IP 67 with excellent EMI shielding
    • From 3 to 19 gold-plated contacts
    • Cable size 4 - 8 mm (.16 - .31 in)
    • Cable collet immune to vibration

  6. Bayonet IP40

    Bayonet IP40

    • Plastic shells, cost-effective
    • Degree of protection IP 40
    • 2 to 24 contacts
    • Internal strain relief
    • Housing diameter 20 mm